Reconnecting youth to educational opportunities

In the United States, problems like unemployment and underemployment, poverty, and incarceration are often exacerbated by disconnection from school or work especially the crucial ages of 16 to 24. While there are many root causes to explain what is happening to individuals, successful intervention strategies generally involve reconnecting youth with job training, employment, or education.

At the local level, city staff and leaders, nonprofits, and school districts are taking the lead on implementing evidence-based practices to prevent disconnection and reconnect youth with school, work, and other supports.

The Center for Applied Public Research offers a unique bridge between research and practice in the service of empirically sound, responsive city governance. Their team brings a wonderful blend of expertise and warmth to their hundreds of partnerships.
—Dr. Ashley Berner, Deputy Director, Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy Assistant Professor, Johns Hopkins School of Education

The Center for Applied Public Research is partnering with Baltimore’s Promise and the Bloomberg American Health Initiative on a process evaluation of the Grads2Careers program, which is meant to provide job training and wraparound services to Baltimore City Public Schools


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