Our Economic Mobility Policy Forum is the first and only community of its kind where we not only connect you with academic and policy experts and your peers, but show you exactly how to leverage your skills by offering tactical support to help inform policies where you live and work.


The Policy Forum offers:

  • Monthly digital Live Sessions on topics related to economic mobility, hosted by experts in the field and featuring lively, interactive discussions
  • Custom-made, curated resources to help you use what you’ve learned in your daily life
  • Access to a community of peers working in the public sector around the country
  • A space to bounce ideas, ask questions and think outside the box

Past Live Session discussions have focused on:

  • Strategies for improving housing voucher program outcomes
  • The link between food insecurity and transportation
  • Differences in how welfare is implemented by state and demographics

Our members work in housing, transportation, emergency services and more. What unites them: a desire to improve the way they work by learning from each other, sharing best practices and experiences to find solutions that work.