Economic Mobility Data Standard

By co-creating an economic mobility data standard with a representative group of staff from US cities, the Center for Applied Public Research is helping city staff standardize and share data with their counterparts in a way that allows them to make better data-informed decisions about city services.

Why racism is a public health crisis

An explainer on understanding and addressing racism from a public health perspective.


The Center for Applied Public Research is working during the coronavirus pandemic to help local governments make evidence-informed decisions. On this page you will find a selection of our research and other publications on COVID-19 and its social and economic effects.

A Roadmap for Policy Change

This roadmap for local government decision-makers and staff is meant to empower cities to take ownership of the policy change process, to frame problems in a way that creates a demand for evidence, and build sustainable coalitions for meaningful policy change.


visualization of the risk of food insecurity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and an overview of federal policies intended to help.

Baltimore City Public Schools Infrastructure Dashboard

This interactive dashboard, developed in collaboration with leadership at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, illustrates the hours of school missed by students in Baltimore City Public Schools because of older infrastructure, which leads to failure of heating and cooling systems.

First Things First: Laying the Foundation for a Smart City

This guide is the product of a ​National Science Foundation (NSF) funded research collaborative composed of ​University of Maryland,​ ​Morgan State University​, the ​Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at Johns Hopkins University, and ​University of Baltimore​. These research institutions worked together to determine how data and technology can meet the needs of residents in West Baltimore communities.

Convening on Food Insecure Adolescents: Recommendations by practitioners

Building on research by Dr. Kristin Mmari, Johns Hopkins University and MICA partnered to create this resource guide exploring whether there are opportunities to increase the use of research evidence by experts in the field of food insecurity among adolescents.

Webinar: Finding Food in your City Government

In this webinar, Johns Hopkins University staff discuss how to use data to understand your jurisdiction’s food system, and food policy council organizers from Milwaukee, Columbus, and Baltimore share their accomplishments and relationships with city government.